Masters of Football — Board Game

In Masters of Football you are a club manager who needs to deal with all aspects of “the beautiful game”, inside and outside the pitch. Your objective is to win the championship!

You’ll have to manage your budget and build your squad, pick the best tactics, fight for the win in each match and use every trick in the book to come out on top at the end of the season.

Your chances might be slim against a stronger team but you might just play your cards right and walk away with that surprising victory!

"I think will ultimately see Masters of Football take its place in the pantheon of 'respected football titles' is that the theme is wonderfully realised through its mechanics. (...) The excitement generated by each game is excellent as tension is always present." Neil Thomson (BorderCon) Full review on BGG

"(...) it is very fast paced action, just like a soccer game. (...) It offers strategy for gamers, it feels like a game (...) if you are a gamer and not necessarily a huge soccer fan, I think you might even enjoy this game" - James (Open The Box Games)

What's in the box?

There are 10 different managers, 66 unique players and 50 action cards that make every game different and enjoyable.

· 10 manager cards

· 66 player cards

· 50 action cards

· 16 tactical cards

· 6 defensive dice

· 6 attacking dice

· 1 results pad

· 2 genius dice

· 1 tactical die

· 12 tokens

· 1 board (football pitch)

· 1 box with mini-board

· 1 rulebook

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