Game Flow

In Masters of Football you are the manager of a team, and will compete with your friendsthroughoutan entire championship. Everyone plays each other twice, home and away.

You start the game by choosing your type of manager, whose unique characteristics and capabilities will influence your game strategy.Then you form your initial squad, by buying players from the market using a budget that varies with the type of manager.Finally, each player receives a set of action cards to intervene in the matches, and more money for the operating expenses.Now, let the championship begin!

Fight match after match

In each match, the participating teams will first battle to impose a dominant tactic, or style of play, which will influence the power of both squads on the field.The confrontation then flows smoothly through a series of fast-paced attack and defence turns, in which the opponents roll their dice aiming to score or defend a goal. You'll be able to do substitutions at half-time, as well as use your action cards to make tactical adjustments or even change the course of the events through ethically questionable moves.

See the gameplay demonstration videos.

Develop your team

During the championship you'll have the opportunity to strengthen your team by incorporating talents from the academy, or if your bank account allows, buying more players from the market.

As in football, a match victory is worth 3 points, a draw 1 point, and a defeat… a lesson for the future. At the end of the championship, the team with more points wins.

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